About Us

The Industrial Tribology, Machine Dynamics and Maintenance Engineering Centre (ITMMEC) was established in 1978 with Norwegian collaboration with focus on industry oriented research.The Centre bridges the gap between IIT Delhi and Industry in the fields of Friction and Wear Studies, Lubrication, Lubricants, Wear Control, Pneumatic Conveying, Maintenance Engineering, Condition, Monitoring of Machines and their Elements, Non-destructive Testing, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Engineering, Failure Analysis, Vibration and Noise Engineering. The Centre has modern facilities for experimental, analytical and developmental research activities. Research facilities are available in the following areas: Tribology, Maintenance Engineering and Machine Dynamics.

In 1980, the centre started its own M. Tech. program in ‘Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering’. Initially, this program was only for sponsored (Full Time or Part Time) candidates from industry, including Defence, i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy, and later, the Institute Fellowships were provided for fresh graduates through GATE. A large number of defence personnel were deputed for this programme. In July 1991, it became an interdisciplinary program.

The Centre conducts its own Ph. D. program, which is monitored by the Centre Research Committee (CRC). The CRC assesses the performance of candidates twice a year. The candidates in program are admitted in July and January each year; as full-time, with institute teaching assistantship / sponsored or part-time, as sponsored. .